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Thinking Cricket with Ajith C S Perera
Thinking Cricket


A Wonderful Opportunity
Sri Lankan Cricket History
England in Sri Lanka 2003
Ajith's World of Cricket
New Material

  (ISBN: 955 - 96698 - 1 - 8)

A book by Ajith C. S. Perera published October 2001

A practical guide to better cricket, designed for self study
and recommended by the ICC


This is a Training Guide , packed with wealth of practical information, handy hints, useful tips and worthwhile suggestions, that can be READILY USED and EASILY REFERRED TO, EVERYDAY, throughout your cricketing life.

It identifies hundreds of common mistakes and deficiencies, both on and off the field. Provides a wealth of good advice and remedial measures.

This is certainly not another conventional coaching manuals, but a book adopting a totally different approach, helping you to do the right thinking and take right action, to get the right results, right now. In fact it covers many areas of practical importance which are usually not available in regular coaching manuals or in books on cricket you have read and heard of..

Subject material and its presentation style encourages you to compete more positively but fairly and guides you to become a 'thinking cricketer' to outwit the opposition.

It is a book not meant to be read once and kept aside. It is an indispensable manual that must be by your side, to renew and revise the most valuable aspects of the game