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PAGE UPDATED: 11th November 2003


           POINTS  TO  PONDER


l      Advertising through print-media has the disadvantage of easily missing the attention of your target groups. Website advertising is more target focused, and are displayed on-line round the clock.


l      Advertisements on a Website cannot miss the attention of its visitors, provided that the site is not overcrowded with too many of them.   The site you have selected to advertise on, is it already too crowded with Advertisements ?


l      You may already be having your own website, perhaps even better designed. But, how many around the world who are likely to be your potential (future) customers, are already aware or will become aware of  it? 


l      What are your own chances of creating continuous effective awareness about your products / services and / or even about your own Website, amongst increasing number of potential customers, who may be having different interests, such as Cricket, Travel, etc?


l      Is the Website you are going to select for advertising, linked by any other popular websites, both overseas and local, that draw greater number of visitors ?


l      What recognition has that website got from reputed Search Engines, such as YAHOO, GOOGLE, etc.? The SEARCH CRITERIA under which they have listed the Website, popular and effective enough to draw visitors to use those search phrases often?


l      Sri Lankan Cricket has become a highly marketable product for business organisations with a degree of visionary zeal.  Sri Lanka is also one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world. My website has been designed keeping above facts in mind, to attract the attention of tens of thousand around the world who want to combine Cricket with Travel to Sri Lanka and even otherwise.