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PAGE UPDATED: 11th November 2003



"I can do No Great Things,  

but only,

Small Things with Great Love."


                                     --  Mother Theresa. --



My   Vision   behind this endeavour is; To overcome the barriers imposed on "Wheelchair users" through denial of opportunities resulting from the absence of any basic facilities and assistance in the country I live, Sri Lanka.  This is the hidden truth revealed to me so cruelly in the world that I was thrusted into, no sooner a way-side tree crashed on my moving car in Colombo, (exactly on this day many an year ago), leaving me instantaneously a paraplegic.


My  Mission  is to continue to do my part for Cricket and also for Sri Lanka with devotion.  To accomplish this  I ventured out even into unknown territories at great expense - an unflinching effort with relentless commitment, to  "share the wealth of information acquired and to impart the practical knowledge accumulated"  in over 30 long years of unfeigned devotion to Cricket with my very close active involvement in many areas of the game, both here and in England.


My  Objective  in designing and publishing this website, is to provide a 'World of Unparalleled Excellence' for Information, Knowledge, Education and Enjoyment, amidst much limitation in resources, when combining Cricket with Travel to Sri Lanka.